~ Laughing Dove Social Media Services ~

​                                                    Platforms We Manage:

FaceBook - $800/month*
Twitter - $700/month*
Pinterest - $600/month

LinkedIn - $600/month

Instagram - $600/month
Google+ - $700/month

YouTube - $700/month

Vimeo - $600/month
Yelp - please inquire​
Blog Maintenance - please inquire​

Online Mgmt - $250/month

Online Systems - $350/month

Some of our Terms and Conditions:

A one-time non-refundable fee of $150 per platform to set up each account is required.

These prices are based on a standard business model of a company that is less than twenty-five people total. Please ask us for corporate pricing packages.

Any additional work, including but not limited to, adding database info, contests, fund- raisers, advertising, original content, etc. is not included.

A monthly report will be provided in a one-page format with some packages.

*FaceBook and Twitter are required platforms for most of our clients.

Package deals are available. There is a minimum platform block of three platforms (not including Yelp or Blog) that LDS requires in order to sign up with our service. Confused about which ones best suit your needs? Ask us. That's why we are here; to help take on the online world so that you can focus on running your business in real-time.

💻 - LDSSM@yahoo.com

☎ - 3109279977


          ~ Mixing & Mastering Samples ~

                                     ~ Laughing Dove Legal Services ~ 



       ~ Laughing Dove Legal Services for Artists and Industry Personnel ~


  Getting your music mixed and mastered is just as essential as protecting the ownership of your art. Laughing Dove Legal offers affordable rates and over 15 years of experience in the legal aspects of the music industry. 

  Did you know that it takes more than just a form to properly register a copyright? Also, did you know that if you do not copyright your music, that you can lose all licensing rights to someone else who does?

  In order for you to have full control of your music ownership, copyrights must be properly registered and really, good legal guidance is just as important as the creation process of your tunes.

  Finally, do you have written agreements with the other members in your band or others you are working with? Do you have a manager and if not, do you need one?

  These are things we can help you with, or in some instances, if we cannot, we may be able to recommend good folks who can. After all, just like anything else, music is a business. Make sure that you are protected, informed and that YOU own your stuff.

  Go to the 'Contact Us' tab and use the 'Get In Touch' email form to inquire about our legal services, including (but not limited to) Copyrights, P.R.O. registrations, simple or complex contracts, and more. Or, if you need to talk with a professional, qualified legal representative without spending your life savings, we've got you covered. *

*DISCLAMER: Laughing Dove Studios  (LDS) does not offer legal counsel and/or advice. Our experienced studio technicians and colleagues have terrific relationships with the right people in the music industry, to whom we can gladly refer you, at our discretion. Services for any business other than music production and/or mixing/mastering, and/or any other musical endeavor not involving the business aspect of the music industry are not guaranteed nor represented by LDS. All consultations are subject to approval based upon certain requirements that are considered on a case-by-case basis. Thank you.

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