Laughing Dove Studios online mixing & mastering services is located in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, California. We specialize in removing the "Digititus" from your mixes and masters with Analog Summing. We believe in the hybrid theory of combining the best of the analog (OTB) and digital (ITB) worlds. We do our Analog Summing through a Neve 8816 16x2 Summing Mixer, coupled with a pristine analog signal path full of tasty transformer-laden outboard rack, and 500 series pieces. This gives your tracks that same Neve transformer warmth, girth, punch, separation, and low end thickness that a vintage Neve Mixing Console produces. With Analog Summing your mixes and masters will get that 3D Stereo depth, width, and dynamic range that you have heard on countless hit records. Laughing Dove Studios brings you that famous Neve analog sound at a competitive price point so that your tracks will compete and hold their own against the large budget, big studio recordings that flood our favorite commercial FM radio and Internet stations of today and yesteryear.

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   UAD & 4-8 Stereo Stem Summing


     UAD, Neve Summing & more...

         ​      $50/song  

  Includes UAD & Analog treatment

 ​            $150/song

     Includes UAD & Neve Summing 

    Stem Mastering 

   Stereo Mastering

​Deluxe Mix & Master

  Basic Mix & Master 

         Laughing Dove Studios Online Mixing & Mastering Services

Online Mixing, Mastering, & Analog Summing​​​​​​​​​